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Welcome to the Greyhounds Retired Database. Run in association with the Greyhound Breed and Race Database at
Our mission is to provide details of Greyhounds requiring homes worldwide.

We have set up a new section to enable us to include Privately homed greyhounds within the database, a large number of Greyhounds are homed without ever entering an Adoption Organisation, many of them are simply taken home by their owners once they finish racing.This enables all the thousands of greyhounds rehomed by owners and trainers each year to be acknowledged on the site. read more...

We are very proud to be associated with over 260 organisations worldwide that have registered to use our service. For around 10 years now greyhound homing organisations from around the world have been using our system to showcase the hounds they have available for adoption. We welcome members from anywhere in the world, provided they can show us they are a bona fide home-finding organisation. The aim of this site is to have details updated regularly by a network of organisations who work to find homes for these fine hounds whose Racing Careers have now ended or in some cases never commenced.
This site is unique we believe, in that the registered organisations can enter the details of greyhounds looking for homes along with their photos, via their own personal login page.
Thus the details can be updated immediately, and no time is lost in waiting for third parties to update. Organisations can also re-display the information from this site into their own by following the instructions here.
Users can search the Database by entering a County or Postcode which will produce a list of Greyhounds for the area interrogated, with details of the individual greyhounds and photos if available.

We are indebted to Greyhound-Data as mentioned for allowing us access to their database and special mention must go to Wellsgrove Ltd who supply our webspace free of charge.

Dog of the Month - April 2012
Arjuna Dog of the Month
Black male,
Born 2006

Hello! I'm Arjuna and although I look very distinguished I'm actually only 5 years old. I'm a large, black, very friendly boy, and I love all the lady greyhounds. I walk very well on my lead, although I am big so if I see something I would like to chase I could be strong. I would fit into any home environment as I have been told I'm a very good boy, I also really love children. If you think I would fit on your sofa then please come and visit me.
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If you are an organisation involved with rehoming and would like to register with us to place your greyhounds in the database please submit a form by clicking on the "Register" link, above or below.