Greyhounds Retired Database
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Welcome to the Greyhounds Retired Database. Run in association with the Greyhound Breed and Race Database at
Our mission is to provide details of Greyhounds requiring homes worldwide.


Tips for re-displaying your dedicated page within your own website.

Re-displaying your dedicated page within your site will save you time updating, you will only need to edit one site and for those who may have to rely on others to place the updates for you it will no longer be required you will be able to carry out the updates far more quickly yourself. With the new design of the site now enabling you to list also the Greyhounds you have homed, this will also enhance your personal site and have all of the information displayed in one area. You can use this to display your rehomed dogs also. This is simple to carry out if your site uses frames, by using the code shown below to call your page after editing it to reflect your individual requirements. If your site does not use frames, then follow the instructions here to create an inline frame. This example could be used out of the box by the Romford Organisation,because their site already uses frames.

This is the list of the available dogs of the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.

Explanation of the conventions used:

id=000 contains the unique code to display your page, how to find your code?

To read the unique code for your page, first you must be sure the status bar is showing at the bottom of the screen, click on view/status bar if it is not. Then go to your page and hover with your mouse over one of the navigation tabs at the top of the table, you will then see in the status bar the link to your page, make a note of the id=???.

bgcolor=ffffff   sets the background color to white, change this to display the colour of your choice,
                       to match your existing colours for example or use the colour picker here:
ffffff is the hex value of white you can set it to any color you like.

&list=r  sets the page to default to your rehomed section.

Here a further example with different coloured text, this time with blue background and dark blue text and
defaulting to rehomed section.


If the organisation doesn't use frames, you can instead create an inline frame like those above on one of your pages, that will allow you to display the navigation of your site using the following code between the body tags:

!!!Note: you must copy the code to notepad or wordpad then re-copy from there for it to work correctly!!!

 <p align="center"><br><iframe name="I1" width="788" height="520" src="http://www.greyhound-">Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.</iframe><br>

Don't forget to edit id=??? with your id, the width and height attributes can also be changed to whatever you prefer along with the colour attributes as described above.

If you are an organisation involved with rehoming and would like to register with us to place your greyhounds in the database please submit a form by clicking on the "Register" link, above or below.