Greyhounds Retired Database
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Welcome to the Greyhounds Retired Database. Run in association with the Greyhound Breed and Race Database at
Our mission is to provide details of Greyhounds requiring homes worldwide.

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Greyhounds Retired Database's objectives

To provide a central system where adoption shelters internationally can enter details of greyhounds in need of good homes and the public can search to find the animal that suits them.
To promote the adoption of retired greyhounds.
To help shelters get animals adopted.
To promote responsible and ethical pet ownership.
To receive feedback from users to ensure guidelines are adhered to responsibly.

The Greyhounds Retired Database is a non-profit organisation, run in association with and It is dedicated to raising the profile of retired greyhounds requiring homes.

The database is a free service for registered organisations and public visitors.

The database system allows re-homing organisations to upload details and photos of Greyhounds in their care and those looking for greyhounds as pets to search that database.

The GRD is not intended for use by breeders, or anybody seeking to take financial advantage of animals.

GRD seeks only to help rescue organisations find good homes for pets. We do not intend the system to be used for "on-line" adoptions. We expect organisations to implement their usual high standard adoption procedures.
We will seek to receive feedback from users who home dogs via this database to ensure organisations are working to acceptable guidelines, it is our view that all organisations should carry out home visits prior to homing greys, and follow up visits should also be carried out to ensure they are settling in to their new homes.

If you are an organisation involved with rehoming and would like to register with us to place your greyhounds in the database please submit a form by clicking on the "Register" link, above or below.