Greyhounds Retired Database
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Welcome to the Greyhounds Retired Database. Run in association with the Greyhound Breed and Race Database at
Our mission is to provide details of Greyhounds requiring homes worldwide.

Important Message for existing & newly registered organisations, to protect security of Dogs details being amended, only you will have access to amend details, this will require you to be logged in to the Greyhound-Data Site, exactly as you are on here, otherwise you will be blocked from amending details or removing dogs from the adoption pages.

Thank You for registering with the database.

Please print this page for future "File/Print".

I will explain how it works:

To use the Database, Organisations have to be registered with us, we then issue a password, for you to login with.

The database recognises you with the use of a cookie, similar to those that many sites use to recognise you each time you login.

This gives you two functions on your page that normal users will not see, "edit Properties" and "add dog".

The first allows you to change the details on the front of page, such as web address, email etc.
(You will see much of the info added, but you may like to alter some or add a description).

The "add dog" button speaks for itself, working via the Greyhound-data site it allows you to enter the details of the dog with a photo if you have it available.
In our view, a photo helps "sell a dog", more than a thousand words could ever do, so please add them whenever possible.

Save time updating:

Do you already have a web page displaying details of greyhounds requiring re-homing?
To save organisations having to update numerous dogs and pages on the web, we can re-display your page from the BGRD site to your own. The header can be disabled and your default background can be displayed, this would mean the moment you update one site, you have updated them all.
If this a feature that you are interested in check out these instructions for re_display or please email for further info or to let us know of any other requirements you may have.

Breeding and Real names:

We realise many organisations are nervous of adding real names and pedigree info for their greys. To take this into account, we have added an option to hide the real names and pedigrees.

Since the data is held on the site and many of the dogs will probably already listed on there, we are keen to make sure their site is not filled with masses of useless information. We therefore urge you to add real names and parents.

If you do not wish these to show on your page then simply check the box, "hide all dog pedigrees" at the bottom of your edit properties page and click save. They will then be hidden from the site.

Log-in and adding Data:

I will explain in a little more detail what you need to do now, sorry if it seems complicated, but I can assure you it is quite simple once you have tried it, it may well be worth printing out this page now for easier reference as you work.

First you need to login, you will see login link bottom left of the screen
enter your email address as you registered along with the password we supplied.

Once this is done you should not need to enter again unless your cookies get erased for some reason.

Now click on the "search for greyhounds link" and you will see your name in the list of organisations click on the name and you will be presented with your page with the buttons I mentioned earlier. (Only you will see these, if you do not then please ensure your browser is set to accept cookies!

Edit properties:
This enables you to add or change a description of your organisation, add web address, hide pedigrees and other personal information.

How to add a dog:
Adding a dog to your organisation list is easy.
The [add dog] link will open a new window which uses the
basic greyhound-data pages to add/or modify a record.

At first you are asked for the name of the dog.
(This name should be the real racing name of the dog.)
If the dog is already known to the database,
it will refuse to add the new record but will
provide a 'edit/update this dog link.
If the dog is not known, the form will ask for
the sire and dam name.
The adoption user can skip these parts, if they wish
which means that for the adoption people its
possible to create dogs without parents, please only do this in the event that parents are not known, if you prefer pedigrees not to be shown, please add them and refer to edit properties page to hide them from view.

It is not necessary to add ear markings if you do not want to either.

You will see an "adopt comments" box which you can use to add relevant details for each dog. Please only enter comments in this box which is linked to your page and comments entered will show with the details of the dogs.

At the bottom of the 'edit_dog page' or on the
bottom of last page of the 'create new dog page'
are the fields for the adoption organizations.
These special fields have a grey background and only
registered organisations can see them.
First you have to check the '[] Make this dog available for adoption'
then you can add the Greyhounds nickname and the fill in the children/cat friendly
selection boxes.

Adding Photos:

Once you have entered all the details of the dogs you wish to add, if you go back now to your page, you will see the details of the dogs, if you click on the pedigree button to the right of each one, you can now add a photo which will also show on your page.

Clicking on this photo will now load a larger photo for visitors to view, so please ensure pictures uploaded are of sufficient size and quality to view at increased size. For best quality results we recommend to upload pictures with at least 640x480 pixel resolution.

If you have problems uploading pictures please make sure that your picture is saved in a
standard graphic format (JPG/GIF/PNG/TIFF) and not bigger than 300 KB.

If you wish to  change any pictures, this can be done quite easily through the data site. Go to the dog by entering it's race name in the search box, click on the image and you will get a page open where you can change the picture/s.

Updating and revising:
We request all organisations to regularly update details when dogs are homed, this will ensure that visitors returning are able to view fresh content.

To remove a dog from the adoption list, enter name of dog as if adding new and
Click on the 'change/edit this dog' link, uncheck the [] Adoption checkbox at the bottom
and save.
(This will remove the dog from the adoption list and
delete all adoption fields like his nickname etc)
If you want later to put the dog in the list again you'll
have to fill the grey coloured adoption fields out again.

Anyone having problems adding details should email us and we will endeavour to rectify problems as they arise.


Mike Nightingale Site Owner & Administrator.

If you are an organisation involved with rehoming and would like to register with us to place your greyhounds in the database please submit a form by clicking on the "Register" link, above or below.